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For over two decades, AmerEquip International has been a major nationwide supplier of quality used and pre-owned processing and packaging equipment for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and related industries. We offer a complete range of services to our customers in the disposition, acquisition, and/or evaluation of plant equipment. Consulting and appraisal services are available as well as liquidation, auction and consignment methods for disposing of surplus assets. While we are located conveniently in New York, we can service our customers regardless of location.

AmerEquip is a dealer with a difference. We serve businesses of all sizes with the same dedication, courtesy and efficiency. That is our commitment. Our company strives to provide all customers with the personal attention not found from most machinery dealers.

AmerEquip International is proud to offer a large assortment of pharmaceutical and allied industrial products. Our dedication to superior client support allows us to provide you with excellent service as well as reliable products. Years of experience have made us an industry leader. For more information on all we offer, please call one of our friendly representatives today.

Pre-Owned Nutraceutical Equipment

Nutraceuticals are a growing market of food-based items geared for improving health. Please note that the regulation of these products is different throughout the world. Our used nutraceutical processing equipment has been fully refurbished and certified for use. Learn more about our pre-owned nutraceutical equipment...

Pre-Owned Packaging Equipment

Our packaging equipment is durable and ranges from fillers to sealers to bottle unscramblers and more. Many industries across the US utilize this equipment daily. Learn more about our pre-owned packaging equipment...

Pre-Owned Pharmaceutical Equipment

Our pharmaceutical production equipment is top quality. Our used pharma equipment ranges from autoclaves and sterilizers to tablet presses and polishers. Learn more about our pre-owned pharmaceutical equipment...

Pre-Owned Processing Equipment

Quality machines and equipment in this group include fermentors, heat exchangers, granulators, mixers and more. This is processing equipment that many within the pharmaceutical industry use on a daily basis. Learn more about our pre-owned processing equipment...

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AmerEquip invites you to browse through our inventory and get in touch with us when you find the equipment you need. Although the stock is constantly updated, there will be times when items are not listed. So if you don’t see it, ask for it!

For more information about all the new and used equipment we carry, please reach out to us today. We have years of experience in machinery sales and provide high-quality equipment for a variety of industries across the country. All pre-owned equipment you see on our site has been refurbished and certified for industrial use.

So please call 845-628-8824. When you call, we can provide you with a fair and accurate quote for the items in stock. We can also discuss anything regarding the buying and selling of refurbishing, packaging, processing, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical equipment.

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