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AmerEquip International is a trusted provider and supplier of quality pre-owned packaging equipment and machines. We offer a wide variety of used packaging equipment and ship all of our products nationwide. So, no matter where your business is located, our pre-owned packaging equipment can be shipped to you! All of our pre-owned packaging equipment is fully refurbished and certified for safe usage. When you buy from us, you can buy with trust. We partner and buy from only trusted sources, so our customers get the best and most reliable equipment for their money.

Importance of Pre-Owned Packaging Equipment

What these methods do is ensure that your product will be shipped safely. They are not the only methods out there, but these are the most common ones. When shipping out a product, there are many issues that can present themselves during transportation. Having safe and dependable shipping methods is an easy way to keep customers happy and earn repeat business. Having a product arrived damaged is a surefire way to lose business. Our pre-owned packaging equipment can be used across many industries.

Packaging Equipment Benefits

By purchasing our pre-owned packaging equipment, you get some useful benefits. There are a few simple ways you can optimize you packaging protection. Ensuring your product arrives at your customer's front door in one piece is a vital aspect of shipping and packaging. However, it can be a somewhat complicated and intricate process to determine exactly how much packaging is needed without spending too much money on packaging. Here are three ways to optimize packaging methods.


Forget trial and error to determine the best combination of packaging materials and box sizes. There is software out there to aid in this process, such as Cape Systems and TOPS Pro. These new software methods can help to figure out the most cost-efficient packaging design. This is most effective for companies dealing with the shipping and handling of odd shaped, sized, and weighted products.

New Materials

Businesses can look into new types of protective materials. "Void-fill," which is the empty space in a package, can be a major issue and cause products to slide around during delivery. There have been many advances to limit this issue, such as new blends of various polymers that are more shock-absorbent than in the past. Cut costs and save storage space by finding the right blend of materials for your business.

Precision Pre-Shipment Testing

New testing simulates the hazards a package may encounter during delivery and can help minimize risk of damage. Over the last couple of years, new tools have developed which help detect and simulate potential hazards have become much more precise in their measurements. These advancements test various aspects, such as simulating drops, monitoring compression and vibration, analyzing changes in temperature and humidity and how all of these issues could affect packaging.

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AmerEquip International is a trusted supplier and distributor of quality packaging machines. Our staff has years of experience providing some of the best machinery on the market and do so at affordable costs. We offer both new and used machines and have the capabilities to ship nationwide. We refurbish all the pre-owned packaging equipment we sell. And certify it to meet industry standards.

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