Appraisal Services

For over 20 years, AmerEquip International has been a nationwide supplier of quality used process and packaging equipment for those within the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and other related industries. We offer our clients with a complete range of services to our customers in the disposition, acquisition and/evaluation of equipment.

We are committed to serving businesses of all sizes with the same dedication, courtesy and efficiency that you would come to expect from the best. We strive to provide all of our customers with the care and personal attention that you won't find anywhere else.

Equipment Appraisal That You Can Trust!

In addition to purchasing and selling used process and packaging equipment, AmerEquip International offers its expertise within the Pharmaceutical industry to evaluate and appraise the machinery when such need arises. We have handled dozen of appraisals ranging from desktop appraisals of certain pieces of equipment to full appraisal reports on the machinery and equipment located in a plant.

We have worked for banks and finance companies to evaluate their asset-based loans and for customers who just need to know what their machinery is worth. We have the experience and flexibility to be able to tailor our evaluations to meet any of our customers’ needs.

Call Today for a Free Appraisal

AmerEquip International has years of experience appraising all types of machinery. We deal with clients throughout the country. Consulting and appraisal services are available, as well as liquidation, auction and consignment methods for disposing of surplus assets

If you are looking for someone to appraise your industrial machines, please contact us today. We will gladly go over all the details pertaining to our appraisals. The number to call is 845-628-8824. Call today to a free equipment appraisal.

If you are browsing through our inventory and do not see an item listed that you are interested in, please reach out to us. We always say, "if you don't see it, ask for it!" We have a large, ever-expanding inventory that is constantly changing.