Used Processing Equipment

AmerEquip International is proud to be your trusted used processing equipment supplier. Our dedicated and professionally trained staff is committed to providing the most efficient and helpful service. Our durable used process equipment ensures that all of your projects are performed diligently and smoothly. Everything we sell is fully refurbished and certified for sale. Get the best used processing equipment from AmerEquip, a #1 supplier to the pharmaceutical and allied industries.

We provide customers across the United States with quality used processing equipment. Our staff understands your need for durable and reliable processing components. As your official used processing equipment supplier, we are here for you and your work. That is why we are proudly a nationwide distributor for our used processing equipment.

Used Processing Equipment Selection

Our products include coating pans, water chillers, reactors and much more. Our inventory of used processing equipment includes the oscillating granulator, pony mixers, pulverizers and high shear mixers. We aim to provide you with options, so that you can find the best piece of equipment for your needs. 

See our used processing equipment below. Our inventory of equipment is constantly changing, so if there is a particular item or machine you are looking for, please let us know.

Used Processing Equipment Dealer Experience

AmerEquip International has years of experience in the industry and provides customers nationwide with some of the best used process equipment on the market. We refurbish all of this used equipment to ensure the highest standards are met. Our many years of experience has helped us become a superior used processing equipment supplier across many industries. Our client's satisfaction is our main priority and we are excited to provide you with our wonderful products and services. We pride ourselves on having a great selection so that you can find the piece of equipment that is perfect for your needs and requirements.

Used Processing Equipment Appraisals

Are you looking for appraisals regarding your used processing equipment? Over the years we have handled many different appraisal jobs. These appraisals have ranged from desktop appraisals to full appraisal reports for used processing equipment. We can come down and check out your machinery and equipment and accurately appraise your machines.

In the past, we have worked for finance companies and banks to evaluate their asset-based loans. And sometimes customers just want to know what their machinery is worth. So we can do that too. We have the experience and flexibility to be able to tailor our evaluations to meet any of our customers’ needs. If you are looking for a trusted appraisal, then the team at AmerEquip can fulfill your appraisal needs.

Call Today For A Free Quote

AmerEquip has years of experience providing pharmaceutical businesses across the country with quality used processing equipment. If you have questions about how our processing equipment can help you, please reach out to us today. You can call one of our friendly representatives for more information by dialing (845)-628-8824. When you call, we can also discuss the refurbishing and repair for packaging equipment, which is one of the services available. Everything we sell is certified for sale.

Also, if there is a product you are interested in, but do not see it on our site, please let us know. Our inventory of process equipment is constantly updating, so sometimes products and equipment we have, or do not have, are not listed on the site at that time.