Pre-Owned Processing Equipment

Nationwide Distributor of Used Equipment

AmerEquip International is a nationwide distributor of used equipment of all types, which includes pre-owned processing equipment. We have a great selection of processing equipment to choose from in our inventory. When we purchase the equipment, we fully refurbish it to meet industry standards. This way you will not need to worry about the safety of the machine you are getting. So you can purchase with confidence with us!

This processing equipment is great for all types of industries. Use pre-owned processing equipment to complete many different industrial tasks. And due to our large inventory of items, you have the ability to choose the equipment you desire at a price that you can afford.

What Is Processing Equipment?

Processing equipment refers to the machinery and equipment used in the processing industry to handle, prepare, heat, cool and store products. The processing industry is vast and includes food processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical processing, and waste processing. When it comes to the food processing industry, the equipment is used to cook, handle, prepare and/or store food and food products. The pharmaceutical industry also utilizes processing equipment on a daily basis, too. At AmerEquip, we have a great selection of used, pre-owned processing equipment for sale that is fully refurbished.

Processing Equipment Appraisal

AmerEquip International also offers its expertise to appraise pre-owned processing equipment. We have handled dozens of appraisal jobs over the years. We can handle desktop appraisals of certain pieces of equipment to full appraisal reports on the machinery and equipment located in a larger plant.

Our staff has also worked for banks and finance companies to evaluate their asset-based loans and for customers who just need to know what their machinery is worth. We have the experience and flexibility to be able to tailor our evaluations to meet any of our customers’ needs. You can trust appraisals to be fair  and accurate.

Pre-Owned Processing Equipment Supplier

AmerEquip International has years of experience providing customers around the country with dependable and affordable pre-owned processing equipment. All of the equipment with have in stock is refurbished and certified for safe use. That is because we only buy from trusted and reliable outlets and provide our customers with the assurance they are getting the best.

Request Quote or Appraisal

For more information about the equipment we sell, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our selection. We are committed to serving business of all sizes with the same personal dedication, courtesy and efficiency. If there is an item of particular interest that you do not see, please let us know. The number to call is 845-628-8824. Request a quote today! When you reach out, we can discuss the pre-owned processing equipment we have in stock.