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AmerEquip International is a nationwide distributor of processing and packaging equipment and has a great selection of blister packaging equipment and machines that are perfect for those in pharmaceutical and processing companies. To meet industry standards, we fully refurbish the equipment we buy. We take great pride in the products we sell and ensure that everything we sell is in good, working order before it reaches you. Buy in confidence when you turn to AmerEquip!

Blister Packaging Uses

Blister packaging is a term for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging which is used for a wide variety of consumer good, foods, and pharmaceuticals. The primary feature of this equipment is the cavity or pocket made from a form-able web. When it is finished, it typically has a paperboard backing or a lidding seal of plastic or aluminum foil. 

Blister Packaging MachineBlister packaging is useful for protecting products against many external factors that may damage the product. Humidity and contamination for extended periods of time could lead to some damage, but blister packaging is designed to combat that specific issue. It safeguards against those elements and keeps the items inside safe.

Advantages of Using Blister Packaging Machines

When it comes the the advantages of blister packaging, they are numerous. Let's take a look at some of the crucial benefits one gets with blister packaging products.

Keeps Products Fresh

When you use blister packaging, you get the assurance of freshness. Especially for items that may only have one use in them to begin with, like herbs, medications and other environmentally sensitive items. Keep the product fresh by sealing it with a blister pack.

Exact Serving Size or Dosage

Sometimes you need to be exact. By using blister packaging, you ensure that packages are evenly portioned out. So the user does not over-consume. When this type of packaging is used, it is easier to use the predetermined amount and not lead to any problems.

Visibility of Product

Since blister packaging utilizes a plastic front, you can view the product before purchasing. This is great for customers who can see what they are buying and feel more confident in their purchase. And the buyer can see that everything is there before buying the item.

Safe and Secure

Despite being able to see the product, blister packaging still offers added security. So the buyer can see the product, but cannot steal the product. And the safety also goes for the product inside the packaging. When you utilize this material, the item inside can stay secure in place. Limiting any potential damage from occurring. Generally, the spacing in the compartments is tight and does not allow for much movement and protects the item from damage in transit.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A blister packer creates a visually appealing product. Consumers can see the product clearly, so they know what they are buying, and the product inside stays safe and, if necessary, remains fresh. And overall, blister packaging is a great marketing tool, since you can see so much of what is being sold. A poorly made or ugly looking container can do more harm than you think. So upgrading to something more aesthetically pleasing is a simple way of potentially boosting sales.

Easy Customization

When someone uses blister packaging, it is often down due to the simple and easy customization. It easily transforms to best protect the product inside.


The cost to produce blister packaging is often slightly lower than others because they are not as complicated to make as other plastic packaging techniques. During the production process, many packs can be produced at once to contain different items and materials. By doing so, companies avoid having to make multiple packs for smaller items, like pills and batteries.

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