CVC1925 Blister Packer

CVC1925 Blister Packer


The CVC1925 Blister Packer is a flat platen type thermoforming and sealing machine. The uniform distribution of sealing pressure, plus the Servo Motor Driven (MITSUBISHI) Indexing system provides quality and reliability in blister production. Optional Vision Camera System detects and rejects unqualified blisters for a seamless quality control.

data sheet

  • lat platen forming and sealing system ensures blister quality.
  • Servo index system (MITSUBISHI) for maximum accuracy and reliability.
  • PLC control with Touch Screen HMI (SIEMENS), user friendly controls.
  • Individual control for upper / lower heating temperatures.
  • Universal feeder for most feeding requirements, or customized feeders upon request.
  • Code embossing and perforation.
  • cGMP design.
  • Easy changeover.
  • Flat type sealing with pneumatic cylinder, plates open when machine stops.
  • SS 304 stainless steel frames and transparent safety interlock guards.
  • Vision check system for inspection and rejection. (Optional)
  • Double reel with splicing table.