Used PDC Neck Banders For Sale

PDC Neck Banders Perfect For Shrink Labeling

A PDC Neck Bander is a great piece of equipment that those in the pharmaceutical, processing, packaging, neutraceutical and beverage industry use. Its ideal use is for shrink labeling, which many industries require and what makes a PDC Neck Bander a crucial piece of equipment. We buy and sell new and used PDC neck banders. AmerEquip is proud to be an authorized reseller of PDC equipment. All of the equipment we sell has been fully refurbished for certified use.

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What is a PDC Neck Bander?

A PDC neck bander is a single-headed, in-line system that is easy-to-use and perfect for those in the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical, processing and beverage industries who need high-speed packaging done. Each piece of machinery can be supplied with a “Zero-Downtime Splice-on-the-Fly” accumulator unwind stand. This accessory eliminates the downtime you typically need for roll changes. And PDC’s tool-less changeover feature makes changing from one product to the next is quick and efficient! Comes with a motorized height adjustment with pre-set positions.

PDC Neck Bander, M# 65-M PDC manufactures a few different types of neck banding equipment that are used for the application of heat shrinkable tamper evident seals. This machinery is a leading choice for many who package pharmaceutical applications. The FDA actually requires a certain type of sealing that these banders provide. A PDC neck bander ensures safe and secure wrapping that is tamper-proof. PDC manufactures the neck banding equipment for maximum flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

Inspection Systems

To ensure proper use, each PDC tamper evident neck bander pairs with an inspection/ ejection system. This equipment inspects the product to make sure the tamper evident bands and shrink sleeves are in the correct position. So you can sell in confidence knowing everything is in order when you use the machinery. These systems will divert any non-conforming packages from the conveyors, which makes sure they do not hit the market.

In order to complete this job, these systems use vision systems, visible light or UV sensors which confirms the location of the band or sleeve. When they detect one that is defected, it gets pushed off the conveyor belt. So you do not have to worry about these non-conforming packages making it through. This inspection process can be done before or after the actual shrinking.

Ideal for High-Speed Packaging

By pairing a PDC neck bander with an inspection / ejection system, it makes it more ideal for high-speed packaging. By doing so, you can trust the process and ensure that no faulty products make it through the packaging process. Which makes you a more efficient company, since there is no disruption on the assembly line. This makes our banding and sleeving equipment perfect for those in the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical, processing and beverage industries.

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PDC Neck Bander Use in the Pharmaceutical Industry

As mentioned, a PDC neck bander is a trusted choice for many in the pharmaceutical industry. Let's take a closer look as to why that is.

Tamper Evident Seals

Due to FDA safety guidelines, tamper evident seals are mandatory for many applications in the pharmaceutical industry. And even when it is not a requirement, a tamper evident seal ensures customer satisfaction. Knowing what you buy is securely sealed adds value and trust. Vitamins, pain relievers, cold medicines, nasal sprays, moisturizers and more utilize a PDC neck bander for an effective seal. PDC uses two technologies to produce effective producing tamper evident seals. This includes neckbands and combination labels that extend over the cap with a horizontal perforation.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Different than neck banding, shrink sleeve labeling is also a common application in the pharmaceutical industry. This is labeling that many over-the-counter medications use to help with branding. Depending on the model, PDC machinery secures dosage cups on the tops of medicine bottles. The the cups are inverted over the cap and secured with a sleeve. This eliminates the need for cartons, reduces all packaging materials, and lowers production costs. As well as ensuring the product is safely in its packaging.