General Information About Used Packaging Machinery

A Nationwide Supplier of Used Packaging Machinery

AmerEquip International provides high quality and reliable used packaging machinery. Though located in New York, we ship to customers nationwide. We pride ourselves on having a great selection of reliable equipment, and all at great, affordable costs. When we buy equipment, we refurbish it and certify it for safe use. So you can buy with confidence with us!

Safely Transport Goods

Sensitive materials require a number of protective measures. This may include guarding against vibrations, extreme temperatures that could alter the item’s physical properties or pressure which could cause the product to be crushed. Some other elements that cause alterations are less obvious. Electrostatic, oxygen, moisture and dust are common factors blamed in a packaging breach.

All three “layers” in the packaging of goods should insure safe transport. The direct wrapping of the product itself is most vital. This is the first defense against exposure to harmful elements. Usually, the second layer is the enclosure of multiple individual products. The third level encompasses all of the second. Our quality packaging machines will protect your products. At AmerEquip, we provide only the best, most reliable machinery on the market.

Different Types of Packaging Equipment

There are different different types of packaging routes to go. It comes down to the product you want to package. Packaging machinery is fully able to handle shrink wrapping, clam-shells, void fill, stretch wrapping, sealed tray, fin seal, folding carton, and blister packs, among others.

Blister packaging is a common style of packaging for consumer and retail goods. This is packaging consisting of thin plastic covering over a product, which is all affixed to a cardboard back. Blister packing is mostly used for pills, tablets and other pharmaceutical goods. They can also found packaging action figures, hardware or anything else the manufacturer thinks is suitable for protection on the store shelves.

Cottoners are also machines you can use to package pills. Instead of a plastic package, these machines continuously place cotton into bottles already filled with the medication. There are two styles of cottoners:

  • Inline: This type features a conveyor system to package.
  • Rotary: A rotary cottoner has a rotary disc with several inserting heads.

Used Packaging Machinery Quotes

AmerEquip International has years of experience in the industry and provides affordable used packaging equipment machinery to customers nationwide. For more information regarding all of the used equipment available on our site, please reach out to us today. The number to call is 845-628-8824. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our used packaging machinery available for sale. When you reach out, we can discuss pricing details for the machinery we have for sale. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today for help from out customer service team.

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