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AmerEquip International buys and sells many different types of Little David case sealers. These Little David box tapers are manufactured to meet the demanding needs of the industry. And does so with precise, reliable, and efficient box taping. With these Little David case sealers, you can cut your labor. Choose between semi-automatic and fully-automatic case taping machines. All Little David case tapers are designed to work with uniform cases or random box sizes. Check out our full selection of case sealers and erectors that we have in stock.

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What Are Little David Case Sealers Used For?

These Little David Case sealers are primarily used for industrial packaging purposes. A case sealer, in general, is simply a piece of equipment that is used to seal cartons during the packaging process in order to prepare them for shipment.

Little David Top & Bottom Case Sealer Model LDU/2When it comes to the different types of case sealers, there are two main types of technologies used and that is semi-automatic and fully automatic. Let's take a look at each of these options below to inform you on your buying decision.

Semi-Automatic Case Sealers

Semi-automatic requires human interface to close the minor and major carton flaps. This sealer only conveys the pre-closed package and properly seals it closed.

Fully Automatic Case Sealers

Fully automatic conveys the package, closes the minor and major flaps, and lastly seals autonomously without manual intervention.

Little David Case Erector

In contrast to the case sealers, a case erector is piece of packaging equipment that offers multiple applications. These applications include:

  • unfolding flattened corrugated boxes
  • closing and sealing the bottom minor and major carton flaps
  • preparing boxes to be filled

For the most part, a case sealer is used downstream to close the top flaps and apply tape to the box once it has been filled.

Qualities of Little David Case Sealers

As with any sort of machinery, it is important to use high quality case sealers and erectors that can match necessary production speeds and Little David is up to the job. Here are some of the most important qualities of a case sealer.

Durably Built

Case sealers need to be durably built. This quality then ensures that the tape applicator does not violently shake, sway, or vibrate as the carton is being sealed. Little David case sealers offer this quality. However, many lower end models do not.

Easy Access to Tape Applicator

When it comes using a case sealer, the tape applicator, or tape head, needs to be easily accessible. The tape applicator is the heart of the machine. And if any issues occur during the production hours needing maintenance, it helps when the applicator can be easily removed for repair. However, some models have the applicator bolted into place. So significant downtime can occur to fix a simple issue that should only take a few minutes.

Short Thread Path For Tape

It is great if the tape has a short thread path. In an ideal situation, the tape thread path will be contained within the tape applicator itself. If a long tape thread path is used, then it is important to consider the strain and stress that the tape may face when pulled through the system. When this happen, it may lead to the need to buy a thicker gauge tape than you ordinarily may need to properly seal the carton. Using a thicker tape will ultimately lower the risk of it stretching to its breaking point through the longer thread path.