New Roller Compactor-RC 100


One New Roll compactor-Model RC-100. Unit is made of 304 stainless steel. Roll Dimensions: 4"W x 8"D. Output: +/- 100 kG per hour, based on ingredient characteristics. Unit contains one main dry compactor and grinding/screening device in enclosed unit. Max. Pressure Hydraulic Thrust is 22 Ton. Total Power is 220 Volt 3 PH 60 Hz. Drive motor: 5.5 KW (ex: Germany) Frequency Inverter: 5.5 KW. Roller cooling system, utilizes air compressor, high efficiency heat exchanger by inner screw ratio, external rotor motor with low noise and advanced corrosion proof evaporator. Isolated hydraulic seal, internal cooling system with dehumidifier and specially designed roller with pressure control. Overall Size of the unit is Length 1500 x 960 x 2080 MM. Weight of the unit is 1650 KG.