NEW Stainless Steel Bottomless Conveyor


NEW Stainless Steel  Bottomless Conveyor Side Transfer Belt for Bottom Coder. This unit is manufactured in the USA. This bottomless conveyor has variable speeds and is used in moving containers a short distance from one working conveyor to another. Gripping the container from both sides allows various elevations of working conveyors and gives access to the bottom side of the container, ideal for labeling, coding or verification inspection. The Gripper Belts are independently adjustable and can accommodate containers from 1 mm to over 8 inches in diameter. Conveyor Specifications are Model  100 TR, Variable Speed Up to 300 ft/min. 60 Watt Drive Motor, Height Adjustable (Level or Angled), Easy bottle size adjustment with hand wheel Angle adjustment for tapered bottles Overall dims are 40 long X 20 Wide X 28 up to 48 High Electrical requirements: 115V/1/60

Optional custom made print head holder available for an additional $275.  Size of print head will be needed