Used Pharmaceutical Equipment

Our used pharmaceutical equipment includes twin shell benders, cottoners and fitzmills. AmerEquip International is a trusted used pharmaceutical equipment supplier that is required for efficient production and distribution of products in the industry. For example, we offer cottoners which are used to fill the space in containers which hold pills. The pills need to be protected if they are going to be shipped. But this is only the end result of a long process for medication to come to fruition.

The pharmaceutical industry is complex. Many medications never even make it to the point of being inserted into bottles by packaging equipment. There is a thorough process of research, development, review and approval. Pharmaceuticals must follow regulations and safety specifications. Check out our selection of items below: 

Research and Discovery

Used Pharmaceutical Equipment

The initial step in the process is the actual discovery of a medicine. This part is done by researchers who are testing various molecular compounds in an attempt to prevent an ailment. Even when a compound is chosen, there is still a long road ahead. The compound may not even be the correct choice. This is why experiments must now be conducted in order to test a variety of factors.

Long before pharmaceuticals fully form and are ready for our used equipment, people in research positions must define a plethora of particulars. This includes dosage size, side effects, how the medicine interacts with the human body, how it effects certain demographics and the way the dosage responds to other drugs in the body’s system.

The only way to know for sure if the pharmaceutical will work is by clinical studies with human subjects. Prior to allowing the test subjects to ingest the medication, researches must have a list of objectives. They need to determine the demographics, the total amount of people to study, the time-frame, a possible control group, the data to be collected and probably much more.

The pharmaceutical industry is complex, but AmerEquip is here to simplify things for you and your business. We are a trusted used pharmaceutical equipment supplier. Contact us today for more information about any of our products or services.