Used Packaging Equipment

Money and time will be saved in the long run with the installation of quality used packaging machines and used packaging equipment. These products will automate the work, while efficiently protecting the merchandise. Packaging machines exist for shrink wrapping, vacuum sealing, cotton insertion and more. Our cottoners, for example, provide a fast method of placing cotton into pill bottles. This ensures that the pills are not damaged, cracked or chipped.

Check out our selection of used packaging equipment below.

Amerequip International is proud to offer our wide assortment of used packaging equipment. Included in this are such items like shrink wrappers, metal detectors, label rewinders and case packers. Out diversity in our line of products is to ensure we meet whatever demands you have.

Our commitment to excellent customer service allows us to provide you with the highest quality products. We carry various used packaging equipment and machines that are sure to satisfy any production requirement for a wide range of businesses across many industries. If you do not see what you are looking for, we may still carry it. In that case, give us a call.

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